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Out of the Loop

Our cable/internet is still down, so I am behind on all the news, missing much of the hoopla currently infesting the media.

I have a good bit of my Yule shopping done. Mom's internet is spotty and slow, some sites do not like to load. So I have trouble checking my email.

Xander will be two in a month. I have some of his presents already. I got him a bead maze cube activity thing.

They have a little tykes playhouse in the backyard that we are going to repaint either tomorrow or Monday. We got the paint already. Red roof, white walls, brown door, blue shutters. It should look quite nice when we are through.


I hate Comcast.

Internet is broken.
Election will be Tuesday.
Choice is illusion.

Our internet has been down for over two weeks. Comcast will not call back or send anyone to fix it. I am seriously fed up with their crap.

Halloween was a success. We went Trick-or-Treating on base and got some good candy. Then we went to the party our homeschool group had.

Our friend Andy got married, and they came to visit on Thursday. We got to game for the first time in forever. We played Inspectors.

Our tv service is also broken. I need an antenna, as I have missed the past two weeks of Supernatural.

I will post, but sporadically, as I am only able to access the internet from my Mother's house.

Pregnancy is weird ya'll.

Besides being extra sleepy while at the same time having insomnia when it's dark out, I have hit the hormonal surge that results in the "OMG I want sex NOW!" drive.

And if I try to do much at all, I can end up getting lightheaded and having to sit down or lie down and take deep slow breaths for a few minutes until it passes. Which is not helpful for my needing more exercise. Which I do.  But hey, at least I'm not puking anymore!

I am planning to try and start working on making some doll shirts, and stuff, I just need to hook the laptop up to the printer so I can print out the patterns.  I've got a lot of stuff that has been waiting on printing until we got around to getting a new ink cartridge. Fortunately they have considerably dropped in price since the last time we got one. Now it's $15 for one instead of the price of a new printer.

Took the boys to Lowe's Build and Grow today. They built the How to Train Your Dragons 2: Sheep Drop Game.  Next two are stuff from "Turbo". They love going there and building stuff. Also been working on homeschool stuff. Duo is learning the states and how to spell them, among other things. Seth is working his way through the pre-school workbook we have, only about half the chapters left to finish (and all of them are partly done). Duo is now an avid reader and will be reading three or four books at the same time. (Wonder where he gets that from, lol)

I'm going to try some things to make my stretch marks go away and prevent new ones.  Last time I didn't do a thing, b/c I thought my stomach was ruined forever and there was no way to get rid of stretch marks, but now I find apparently there is, so I am going to try it and see how well it works.  Guess I'll find out!

Our tenth (!!) wedding anniversary is coming up in a little over two weeks.  I dunno what, if anything we will be doing.

Jayson graduated his training course at the top of his class. So now his uniform says "police" or will once I switch out the patches. Which I need to do at some point today or tomorrow before he goes back to work on his regular shift on Monday.

I still fit in my pre-pregnancy clothes, yay!  When I was this far along last time I was visibly showing already. Maybe that is a sign that this one is a girl? IDK, but hopefully so.

So I finally let myself get dragged into the red hot murderous mess that is GoT.  I've read the first five books since November when I started. Finished before the end of December.  Seen the first season, and now slowly working my way through the second, going "You're dead, you're dead, you are horribly disfigured, you're undead. . ." and so on.  I just have to go through expecting every character I like to die a horrible death.  But I occasionally let myself get complacent.  So the end of book five sideblinded me.  Damn it.

I keep imagining myself into the books and figuring out how I could have helped House Stark not totally fucking DIE.

And the show has been pissing me off making up new characters and getting some of the cannon ones wrong. C'mon people it is not that hard to dye hair or wear a wig!  Brienne of Tarth is supposed to be brunette!

I love Samwell in the show though. They fucked some stuff up with the Nightwatch storyline, and with Danaerys in the Red Waste.  Really annoying me.  If there are only ten episodes per season I cannot imagine how much they are going to leave out from book three (which was the longest by far because a shit ton of stuff happened.)  THey already skipped and changed a bunch of stuff from Arya's storyline, and for some totally insane reason that I cannot fathom, they changed Theon's sister's name!

Anyway, dinner is ready so I have to go. Enough ranting for now.

No one reads this anymore anyway

But I've got a permanent account that was a present from Jayson years ago, so I may as well keep writing in here, even if it is sporadically.

Had Christmas at my Dad's house instead of Papaw's.  Just not the same without Grandmother Carlene. Finally got the rest of the Commodore 64/128 Dad had been promising me for the past two years or more.  And of course, it won't work.  It gives me the Ready and blinky cursor in 64 mode, but won't load any discs.  And in 128 mode it won't even show me the cursor so I can't even try to load anything.  I don't know what the hell is wrong with it, but I hope we can fix it/get it fixed. There are games on that thing that no one else has. I got enough Christmas money that I can get my piano fixed! Yay!  Now I just have to finish cleaning up the mess and get my house spick and span in time for Chinese New Year.  Maybe we'll celebrate by going out to eat Chinese food.  Jayson would like that, he loves Chinese food.

My New Years Resolution this year is to get my house all clean and then keep it that way. If I do at least an hour of housework/cleaning a day, I should be able to manage it. I just have to break down the required tasks and keep at it.  Also, to hula hoop for at least 15 minutes a day.  I haven't started doing that one yet, I have to get stuff cleared and sorted before I'll have enough space. Our house is so tiny. By American, non-big city standards anyway.

Duo is reading now, and liking to read.  He begs me to read in bed for awhile at bedtime.  So that's good. The rest of his schoolwork often has him in tears, and he'll stall and whine.  So homeschooling him takes up a good bit of my time.

Seth on the other hand loves to work in his workbook, but he's only three so I just let him do it when he feels like it until he feels like stopping. Plenty of time for a more formal sort of education later.

Have I mentioned it is freezing ass cold here? It's supposed to get down to 10 degrees F tonight!! In Mississippi! How crazy is that?!  We are going to have to bring the cat inside (which we are not supposed to do, but it's way too cold to leave him out there). We have to go get a litter box though, or things will be messy and smelly.  Which is what happened the last time, when I didn't even want to let him in (it wasn't even that cold, not like now).  And who had to clean up the mess? Me, that's who.

Anyhow, I had better go and get stuff done. Miles to go before I sleep and all that.

Fanfic I'm Writing (Teen Wolf)

So, if anyone actually reads this, if you would be so kind as to let me know what you think of it so far in the comments?
In the wilds of British ColombiaCollapse )

The Death of Hats.

Ya know, fifty/sixty years ago wearing hats was a thing. People wore hats. You went out someplace, you wore a hat. It's just the way it was. Nowadays it seems like it's just me and older black church ladies. And I don't wear a hat all the time, but dressing up I do, if I can. It's really difficult to find a hat now though. Especially one that looks good on my head. I don't have a head shaped to be able to wear all the types of hats.
I hunted all over the mall last week for a hat to wear to a funeral. I wanted to show respect and cover up my purple hair (not very funereal). We were disappointed in the lack of certain people's wardrobe. Don't people know you are supposed to wear black to a funeral? And no, I don't care that it's June, it's a funeral you wear black!  Someone showed up in pants that looked like they stole them off of a circus clown!  Show some fucking respect y'all!!

My husband said at his funeral he wants someone at the door screening people.  There will be a bucket of clown noses by the door and if you show up dressed like a clown, one will be put on you and you will be sat in the clown section.

Yeah.  It was my Grandmother's funeral.  She was 83 and we were all completely shocked.  We all thought for sure that she would be the last of my four grandparents to go, especially since both of her parents lived to be in their mid nineties.  But she went fast, the way she wanted, without existing in a hospital on feeding tubes and such for a long time.  She had the attack (the doctors still aren't sure what it was) on the 31st of May, and died in the hospital on June 2.  She would have died Friday if my Uncle Kim hadn't been there to give her CPR until the paramedics got there with the crash kit.  She never woke up or responded, which is probably a good thing, since she had cracked/broken ribs from the CPR and I saw what they did to trache her.

We reckon about 400 people showed up to the viewing that signed the book. Funeral parlor said she got the most flowers of anyone in several years.  Would have gotten more, but the florist sold out.  She was well loved and widely respected in the community.  Three different preachers did the Eulogy.  Everyone has been dropping off so much food at my Papaw's house, we'll all gain 20 lbs if we eat it all, and I'm going to end up spending several hours with my Stepmother writing thank you cards this weekend for all the flowers, food, and condolence cards.  Because that's what we do.  That's what my Grandmother would do.

RIP Audrey Carlene Buckley Buntyn.  You will be sorely missed.

So since I got the thing sorted out with Etsy, I have regularly been finding new things to drool over and go "I wants it Precious!" about. I finally caved and got myself a birthday present of three month earring club from sihaya09's Etsy shop. I have been drooling over her jewelry for ages, so YAY.

If I ever won the lottery I bet I could drop 100k easy on buying stuff from Etsy.

Anyhoo, it's my birthday tomorrow, and I am pretty sure I know what present Jayson got me (and it wasn't something on my list so I am going to be mildly annoyed, I have a wishlist for a reason after all). I think it is this one: http://www.barbiecollector.com/shop/doll/queen-constellations-barbie-doll-x8264 which I mentioned to him I thought was cool. She is the last in a set of three, where I thought all of them were cool, but $100 is more than I wanted to spend on a Barbie. The previous one was http://www.barbiecollector.com/shop/doll/empress-aliens-barbie-doll-w3514 and the first one was http://www.barbiecollector.com/shop/doll/goddess-galaxy-barbie-doll-t7678. Plus I had been strongly suggesting (I thought) that he should get me the violin (for super cheap) that IS on my wishlist. I've wanted to learn to play violin since I was a kid, but we either didn't have money for lessons or lived someplace where there weren't any teachers. My cousin Becky has had lessons since she was four, and she is freaking awesome now.

I have massive piles of clean clothes to put away today. I've been procrastinating. I need to do it today so I won't have to on my birthday. I've got to go see my dad tomorrow and remind him. Let's see if he forgets my birthday again this year. That will make it about 8 years in a row for No present, no card, no phone call, nothing. He's got no excuse, I've been reminding him this time.
Friday was the birthday of my dearest friend, who I have not seen or spoken to in years, as her husband forbid her to have any contact with me anymore. Not a day passes that I do not think of her and miss her greatly, and wonder how she is, and if she has children now. She hadn't been forbidden to see or speak to me before Duo was born, but our contact was broken before I was ever pregnant with Seth. I have no idea where in the world she is, or even if she is still alive. I know she graduated college, but that is the last I was able to find out.

I doubt she will ever see this, since she has probably not been allowed unchaperoned internet access since our last contact, but I want to post it anyway, just in case. You will always have a place in my heart, and my life if you want it. I miss you more than anyone knows, and think about you every day. I miss hanging out with you, watching our favorite actor in the movies, talking, braiding your hair, and just being together. I will always love you and I will never forget you girl. I'll always be here for you if you ever need me.

So this is for you.


So, yeah, Updates

I've got a birthday coming up soon. (yay?) I'm finally getting over this nasty cold, with only occasional coughing and phlegm (TMI!). Finally ordered the Muzzy: German language set for the boys (and a refresher course for me). I fixed my sewing machine with superglue and Duck Tape! Woot! Now I can sew again! I've got a pair of AG size cut-off shorts that I'm working on, I was trying to use this purple thread I got, but it's crappy and kept breaking, so I'll have to go back to the standard I was using before. Then I'm going to start on the punk/goth/rock style t-shirts. I spent more buying doll shoes boots off of ebay than I did buying new shoes for me.

I've become addicted to Teen Wolf, and I blame tsaiko and stoney321. So now I have serious incentive to switch to Satellite so I can get MTV. Also be nice to have a bunch of the other channels, but really I gotta have MTV before season 3 of Teen Wolf starts. Also Switched at Birth, because I love that show too.

My hair is Purple! Also shorter than I would like, due to a bout with some persistent headlice. EEEW. Everyone in the house got a haircut, including me (I was so sad!) I hated to cut the boy's hair too especially since the G-parents had kept on pestering me about getting it cut before then. Not happy.

Have I mentioned on here that we're homeschooling? B/c we are. We're in a local Homeschool group which is cool. Going to have a pool party sometime next week, now that it's finally hot enough. And seriously, the weather has been super weird this spring. It is never cold in May in Mississippi!! I was wearing long sleeves and bundling up under blankets! And now it's gotten so hot (and humid) that we're about to capitulate and turn on the A/C. I don't want to give in just yet though. It would help if we had working ceiling fans. Or ceiling fans at all.

Anyway, that's all I can think of now. I'm going to try and post more often. (I say that every time I post though, don't I?)

That new show "Revolution"?

Yeah, I totally thought of it first.  I dreamed that future apocalypse in the NINETIES when I was in High School.  No shit.  I wanna know what NBC writer has been reading my journal from then.

Of course, mine wasn't set in Illinois, it was set right here in Mississippi.  But still.  Weird.  It's like the time I had this dream in High School, that came true that weekend, only not how I thought it would.  I dreamed the plot of a horror movie I had never seen or heard of, and then that weekend while I was spending the night at a friend's we watched it.  Of course in the dream, my friend and I were in the movie.  Since she died in my dream I was vastly relieved when it turned out to just be a movie. 

Other news/not news:  I love love LOVE this weather we are having!!  I am actually looking forward to getting our next power bill, it should be under $100, which it has not been since about March or April.

I am looking forward to the next ep of Revolution tonight, and also to Grimm on Friday, and Once Upon a Time which finally starts it's second season on Sunday.  I need to find out when Big Bang Theory and HIMYM start back up, if they haven't already.

Anyhow, I got stuffs to do.  Laterz.

Life and stuff

So it's been a while since I last posted.  Facebutt is still eating up my internet time.  I need to get better about using LJ, since Jayson got me that permanent account years ago for a present.

So, this summer I had a little garden.  The only thing I really managed to grow was watermelons but they were amazing!  In taste anyway, in size not so much.  Super yummy.    The corn didn't do so well, we waited too long to transplant it out of the pots we started it in, so they were all short and stunted, and we only got three tiny little ears, nothing worth eating.  Good practice though.  Next year maybe I'll try tomatoes.  Those I can grow in a pot. 

It's finally cooled off enough that we can turn off the A/C!!  Yay!!  And I'm not turning it back on even if we get another heat wave.  Our power bill needs to go down not up.  Equinox this weekend and a full harvest corn moon next weekend.  I need to get with some pagan people and do something.

A few months back Jayson hit a deer on the way to work.  Two actually.  They ran into him rather.  He managed to avoid the first one and then the second one smacked right into the side of the car, took off the mirror, the door handle on the driver's door, cracked every panel on that side of the car, broke the rear door handle, dented the gas cover thingie, and tore the rear bumper loose.   But the car still drives.  YAY!!  This is good b/c our car is a 99 Saturn that gets better mileage than a lot of newer cars and we really can't afford a new car.  Especially since our insurance declared it totalled, as it was deemed worth less than 2k. 

The boys are all bouncy and healthy, and frequently drive me up the wall.  It's nice when they are playing with each other nicely and not fighting though.  Seth is talking better, and more.  Duo is very into dinosaurs bones and bugs, and natural science in general. 

Also we have recently discovered Duo likes to wash the dishes!!  Hooray and hallelujah!  He does a pretty good job at it too, though I won't let him wash the glasses.  They have a tendency to break even when me or Jayson is washing them sometimes.  He's seven now and he is in LURV with the oldest daughter of a good friend of mine, who blogs over on blogspot under the name battlemom, four vs Mom.  Yeah, she's got four.  I've been pregnant every other time she has been.  We have been helping her move a bit.  They got a new place (which they needed badly) and since her SO is a trucker, he is not in town to help as much as she needed, so Jayson got drafted volunteered.  So she has four kids age seven and under, plus five dogs including two Briard puppies, and three cats, two of which are half grown kittens.  So yeah, it was crazy.  Especially since she was trying to get moved largely by herself, and her kids kept unpacking everything behind her back.  So she has been seriously stressed out.  I offered to take all the kids but the baby (still nursing) next Saturday, so she could have some time to herself.   I'll probably be wanting a stiff drink by the end of the day and I don't even drink! 

We are also in the process of house hunting.  Sorta.  I'm looking at a few places but we don't know if we have credit where we can buy anything.  Ya know, b/c we aren't in debt up to our eyeballs.  Makes NO sense.

That's all I can think of right now.  I have been reading people's journals, and even commenting sometimes (mostly lurking though), I just haven't been posting.  I'm going to try and do better about that, really.


Passing this along :( So sad.


Some people don't believe cases like this one are real until they see them in person.  Even then there are people who are SO VERY anti-abortion that they say it would have been better for the mother to die than to have one.  Because purposefully orphaning your children is so very much what Jesus would have done. 

Some other links to check out:

If you are one FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/200118413398417/?notif_t=group_r2j  There are quite a few other groups on there as well.

  https://www.facebook.com/groups/283817618318380/doc/368053673228107/  that one goes to a document that lists most of the current legislation pending, including at least one that states Doctors can WITHHOLD information from a pregnant woman if they believe that information could result in the woman choosing to terminate their pregnancy.

http://www.facebook.com/groups/268521326564233/295710690511963/?notif_t=group_activity ~ the Fight Laws Against Women page/group.

What happened to America?  When did we become a Fascist Theocracy?   Being in MS, listed as the worst place for a woman to live in America, I really really want to move.  Because these uber conservative so called "christian" legislators would really like to take us back to the 1800s, when women were property and for the most part not allowed to speak in public.   Look up some documentaries on the women's sufferage movement, and you will see the type of mindset women are up against here.

Everyone Needs to Watch This

Very Powerful.  I cried, I admit it.  If only they could get it.

I Need a Fence

Not the stolen goods kind, the yard kind.  At some point in the past two sides of fencing were removed from the backyard of this house.   I have no idea why.  Papaw (my landlord) has been talking about putting up a new one since we moved in three years ago!  So yeah, probably not gonna happen. 

This makes it very difficult to get things done outside.  With Duo (age 6 now) it's not such an issue, but with Seth (age 2) it really is.  He likes to try to wander off and look and stuff, and won't reliably come back when I call him to.  so I got two of 25 watermelon seedlings transplanted into bigger pots today before I had to give up and bring him back inside.  He needed his nap, poor little guy was tuckered out.  On a normal day I could just leave him asleep on the couch and let Jayson keep an ear out for when he woke up, but he had to work a twelve hour shift today, so he's gone to work already.  So I have to wait until he wakes up himself, and then go out to try and get some more done, and try to get it done earlier in the day tomorrow, if I don't get it done today.

Two of the hens have hatched out chicks!  I don't know how many, but I can hear them peeping when I'm out in the pasture.  Oh, and for the record: five gallon buckets of dirt are HEAVY.  I had to bring my own up to fill my pots.  I borrowed the boys' wagon.  I don't think I could have lugged the garden dirt all the way without it.  I have one full of decomposed hay/goat poop/soil/worms and one of soil from where the garden is going to be. Doing a half/half mix.  Papaw and Uncle Kim haven't tilled the garden up yet, which is why the watermelons are going in pots instead of straight into the garden.  Hopefully the peas and carrots will grow too.  The spinach looks like it will come up fairly well, but I will probably need to put it in the shade soon.  And I've been given carte blanche to dig up the wild strawberries in Grandmother's backyard and put them in strawberry pots.  If I put them in my good soil, they might do pretty well.  We should have quite a batch of blueberries around my birthday, or shortly afterwards.  And now that the deciduous trees are finally leafing out, we have shade!

I've been reading A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs on Project Gutenberg.  I'm up to chapter 8 and I'm not sure if I should keep going because I want to see the movie and I don't want to not like it b/c I'm constantly comparing it to the book.  I'm a big Burroughs fan, so there is not a Tarzan movie that has been made that I like.  They always screw it up.

Speaking of movies, I am looking forward to Miyazaki's the Secret World of Arrietty, and very curious about The Hunger Games.  One or two more kids movies coming out this year that I might see (or wait to Netflix) and I still need to see the Puss in Boots movie.  I <3 Puss.

There is a march for Women's Rights in Jackson next Thursday that I WILL be going to.  Sadly, I can't wear my dress, b/c there is no way in hell I can have it finished by then.  It took me about six hours just to do the skirt, and the jacket is way more complex.  Especially as it is going to need some alteration to fit me properly.  According to them my hips are size fourteen and my bust is a twelve.  But Calvin Klein says my hips/waist are a size four.  Stupid fashion.  It'd be easier if we did sizes in centimeters like they do in Europe.  But that would make sense, something which is severely lacking in America lately.  I should have it finished in time for the big National March in April.  That's when all the states are supposed to have marches on their state capitol.  And D.C. too, I expect.

Anyhow, I will never ever complain about the prices of custom made clothes on the interwebs again.  They deserve every single penny they get.  It's hard work.

I love spring.  I think I'm going to go read some more John Carter while I wait for little bit to wake up.


So, yeah Updates and stuff.

So anyone who has been paying attention  will know about the Repubs continual assault against the women of America.  I don't want to talk about that right now, it makes me too mad.  And it is a pretty day outside.  Little white puffy clouds and all.

So:  I've been planting stuff.  So far I have seventeen watermelon sprouts,  about ten corn sprouts, and possibly some spinach is sprouting.  My lavender, butterfly bush, and forget me nots have not sprouted yet.  Doesn't look like the strawberry seeds will either.  Kiwi berry might just be taking longer.  I need to get off my butt and get some tomatoes out, and carrots, and peas.  Found a catalog that sells cacao bushes, and boy if I had a greenhouse to put some in I would be all over that like the green on grass.  Yum, chocolate.

I've been hanging out laundry some days when it's nice like this.  I should probably do some today.

Working on making a Victorian/Edwardian style dress.  Took me about 6-7 hours to cut out the pattern and all the pieces at my mom's last week.  Gotta go back this week to sew some pieces together.  I'm planning to wear it to the march on the  capital at the end of the month.  Maybe the one in April too.  Have a sign that says: "It's 2012, NOT 1912!! Why must women still fight for equal rights?!"  

Today is also the two year anniversary of the day I was violated by medical personnel.  Not really a fun time for me.  There is no way I can fake smile for cameras today, so I have to try to avoid my grandmother so I don't get roped into some whole cake thing.  Which means I need to get off my ass and off the computer and get out of the house and go someplace for the rest of the day until time for Jayson to leave for work.

Last year she invited my (ex) sister without even asking me. (The one who said that since a doctor did it, it doesn't count.)  I vamoosed until she was gone.  Fortunately she can't pull that again this year as my (ex) sister and her family are stationed in Japan.  And not even my love of anime, Japanese dolls, and other things japan style will sway me EVER to speak to her again. NOTHING will. I would not go to her funeral even.  I would not let my kids go to her kid's birthday or anything.  She will not get to see my kids if I know she is visiting a relative I won't go or let them go.  I am SO GLAD she is on the other side of the planet with plane tickets being as expensive as they are.  That way she can't just pop in to visit from out of state without anyone telling me they were coming like happened last year. 

Duo is up there right now, b/c he spent the night last night.  I gotta grab something to eat and a shower and take little bit and skedaddle before they think to come down here.

And I'm still procrastinating getting off the computer.  Xb

This is why we fight . . .

So as the Republicans escalate their War on Women, we women worry, and get ready (or start, or continue) to fight back.  Oklahoma passed a "personhood at conception" law, and several states are attempting to pass laws requiring TRANSVAGINAL Ultrasounds and detailed description of what they portray before ANY woman can obtain an abortion for ANY reason.  One of the sponsors of such a bill in Alabama has been found to own a company that makes this type of ultrasound equipment.  Conflict of interest much?  

Anyway, I have a couple of links that everyone needs to read, and to show people who think this is not important or don't understand why everyone needs to fight this so hard.

Seriously, read this.  We are coming perilously close to things being that way again. http://drjengunter.wordpress.com/2012/02/11/anatomy-of-an-unsafe-abortion/ 


And this story . . . . so sad.Collapse )
Not my personal story, but one that was shared in a FB group I am in.


WhooHOO!!  Got my piano finally!! It took a long time.  It is HUGE.  Upright grand with real ivory keys.  12 of them don't work, and it needs to be retuned, but it is all mine.  It was an adventure getting it out of the house and onto the truck to bring it here.  And then we had to take the door off it's hinges to get it into my house.  OMG this thing is heavy!  Now I've just got to find where I put my sheet music.  I can't really play until after I get it fixed, b/c of which keys are stuck/broken.

In other news, we have Dinosaurs (the old tv show) from Netflix.  I think Duo will really like it.  Also, we have only two mice remaining.  One of them, Reeses (black and tan) is pushing two years old.  The other is a boy, less than a year.  His name is Fuzzy McFuzzypants.  He is a fuzzy hairless broken.  His littermate/cagemate died a while back and it's not such a great idea to stick two unrelated male mice together.  They will fight.

Almost done with Duo's quilt.  I hope to have it finished by Christmas.  Just have some of the borders left to quilt.  Then I get to sew the binding on.

Anyhow, it is super late and I need sleep.  laterz.


So if you haven't heard on the news already, we in MS beat that whole "personhood" thing...... by 16%!!  Woot!!

It was not as close as I thought it would be, but since our governor elect was a spokesman for the AFA (American Family Association) who was one of the backers of Prop 26, and quite a few of our elected officials/representative/senators (both of them actually I think) were outspokenly FOR the whole subjagation of women thing, there have been words to the effect of plans to push it through the legislature in January.  So we are writing, calling, emailing them to let them know that the people have spoken and we won't go away or forget about where they stand or let them try this shit again.

Now, as far as I know, this same kind of thing WILL be on the ballot in Ohio, Florida, Montana, Alabama, and possibly even California. There are petitions in the works in lots of other states too.  So be wise and look out for things.  They are wording these very deceptively and learning from their failures.  They WILL do everything they can to trick people into voting for it.

In other news, but sort of related~~ Read UNWIND by Neal Shusterman.  Seriously.  Read it NOW.  It's a world where abortion was banned and human life was sacred from conception until age 13.  From 13 to 18 parent had the option to have their teens "unwound" a process where every last bit of them was taken apart and donated to someone else who needed a bit.  Bad, rebellious, out of control teens got sent to be unwound.  Or if you were in a state orphanage and not the shining star when budget cuts rolled around.  Or if your parents were religious you could end up a tithe.  I think that book should be required reading in every high school.

In yet other news, if it stops raining tomorrow/today afternoon  I'm going to finally get my piano.  Also, Seth is cute and hilarious, and Duo never ceases to astound us with the weird and random stuff that he dreams up in his noggin.  Jayson is working for DOD and we will shortly have insurance again, and I hope we get dental, because I've been having toothache lately and I need to get my wisdom teeth out, or the molars in front of them.

All caught up on Torchwood, and I've been rewatching  Buffy and Angel.  I'd never seen the last season of Angel, and I only have about 3 episodes to go.  So I get to see how Joss hates the fans.  I'm also reading a few other books, but I'll post about them tomorrow when I am less tired.

Oh! SO excited about the new Muppets movie.  Must go see that in the theater.

Originally posted by digitalsidhe at Mississippi Personhood Amendment Close to Passage
Originally posted by gabrielleabelle at Mississippi Personhood Amendment:

Okay, so I don't usually do this, but this is an issue near and dear to me and this is getting very little no attention in the mainstream media.

Mississippi is voting on November 8th on whether to pass Amendment 26, the "Personhood Amendment". This amendment would grant fertilized eggs and fetuses personhood status.

Putting aside the contentious issue of abortion, this would effectively outlaw birth control and criminalize women who have miscarriages. This is not a good thing.

Jackson Women's Health Organization is the only place women can get abortions in the entire state, and they are trying to launch a grassroots movement against this amendment. This doesn't just apply to Mississippi, though, as Personhood USA, the group that introduced this amendment, is trying to introduce identical amendments in all 50 states.

What's more, in Mississippi, this amendment is expected to pass. It even has Mississippi Democrats, including the Attorney General, Jim Hood, backing it.

The reason I'm posting this here is because I made a meager donation to the Jackson Women's Health Organization this morning, and I received a personal email back hours later - on a Sunday - thanking me and noting that I'm one of the first "outside" people to contribute.

So if you sometimes pass on political action because you figure that enough other people will do something to make a difference, make an exception on this one. My RSS reader is near silent on this amendment. I only found out about it through a feminist blog. The mainstream media is not reporting on it.

If there is ever a time to donate or send a letter in protest, this would be it.

What to do?

  1. Read up on it. Wake Up, Mississippi is the home of the grassroots effort to fight this amendment. Daily Kos also has a thorough story on it.
  2. If you can afford it, you can donate at the site's link.
  3. You can contact the Democratic National Committee to see why more of our representatives aren't speaking out against this.
  4. Like this Facebook page to help spread awareness.

You know this entry was originally posted at http://digitalsidhe.dreamwidth.org/841573.html, right? You can comment there using OpenID, even if you have no Dreamwidth account (plus you'll get my niftier userpics!)... but commenting here is okay, too.
(I know I've blogged about this before, but I thought this was worth sharing.)
Well, NOT apparently if you are a woman.  The MS state supreme court said it could not rule on the constitutionality of the proposed amendment b/c it was not a law yet.  So there are less than two months before the vote, and the supporters of this amendment have been hosting revivals and preaching sermons about it.  The MS state supreme court is elected, not appointed.

For those of you who may have missed it, the amendment will declare a fertilized egg has all the legal rights of a fully formed human being.

  It is called the "Personhood Amendment" and if you can't see already, this is why it is so bad:  The birth control pill and IUD will no longer be legal in this state. Why? Because one of the ways they prevent pregnancy is preventing implantation of an already fertilized egg.  Also, miscarriage will have to be investigated by the police, as it will now constitute "Death".  This means, if you were in a car accident while pregnant, and it was ruled to be your fault, and you later miscarry, you could go to prison for killing your baby.  Or if you smoked or drank coffee or acohol, even if it was before you found out you were pregnant.  And apparently (this just recently came out in the news) taking ibprofen can double your risk of miscarriage. So would this outlaw that too? Or would it just move behind the counter and be illegal for women of childbearing age?  The IVF clinics in MS would shut down.  They will not want the liability with insuring that NONE of the embryos they keep are destroyed.  Hurricane caused power outage anyone?   And what about women with tubal pregnancy?  They are screwed, the state does not care.  Just like it does not care about children after they are born.  The same people who support this are the people who are trying to defund child welfare, and free school lunches.  The people who believe only sluts have abortions or babies outside of marriage, and should be forced to pay for their sin.  Even if it kills them.

Fetal rights to life trump the mother's right to life in the minds of these people.  If you got raped you probably deserved it, and if you get pregnant as a result of that rape then it is clearly God's Will, and you will damn well have that baby or die trying.   If you are an eleven year old girl and got raped by your father/stepfather/preacher/teacher/uncle/cousin/whoever.  Well.  You are just shit out of luck.  MS has the highest infant mortality rate in the country, and I think the highest maternal mortality rate as well.

Right now there is a 15 year old girl on trial for depraved heart murder, b/c she miscarried her baby.  As far as I know, no one is pursuing the man who raped her.  (15 is statutory rape in MS)  She is addicted to cocaine, and that is what the court is basing it's accusation on, in spite of the lack of ANY medical evidence to support it.  No one is asking why this 15 year old is addicted to hard drugs.  No one is asking where the "father" of the baby is, or even who it is.   This will NOT be the last such case to come before the courts if this amendment should pass. 
In South Carolina they passed legislation that was supposed to protect fetus' from outside (male) attackers.  I.E. abusive relationships.  SInce they passed that law several years ago, ONE man has been tried.  THREE HUNDRED women have been tried.


This is a link to a video that shows how similar laws are already affecting women around America.  So if you know anyone who lives in MS or knows anyone who does, please pass this on.   They are saying it will only outlaw abortion and have no other effect, but it will do SO much more than that.

I can't get out and spread the word like I had planned, b/c our car is broken again.  So I'm relegated to attempting to spread the word over the internet.

Not dead, Facebook just ate my Life

I am back, finally.  I really need to stop with the facebooking so much.

So, not much news with me, the boys are cute, into everything, drive me bonkers.  Gotta register Duo for homeschool this year. 

For news non-personal:

Mississippi is trying to pass an amendment to the state constitution that would define personhood as beginning at conception.  Yeah, that's right, when egg meets sperm.  This will effectively outlaw IUDs, and the pill, since they both work by not just PREVENTING ovulation, but also PREVENTING implantation of a fertilized egg, should one come along.   Abortion for ANY reason would be illegal, NO EXCEPTIONS at all.  Not for RAPE, not for INCEST, not for LIFE OF THE MOTHER.   If a woman has a miscarriage, the police will have to investigate the cause, as it will be considered legally a "death".  So she will have to prove that she did not cause the miscarriage or risk jail time.

This is going to have the effect, intended or not, of raising our already high infant/maternal mortality rate, as women will fear to seek prenatal care or help in the event of a miscarriage.  There is already a case where a 15 year old Mississippi girl is being charged with depraved heart murder because she is addicted to cocaine and did drugs while pregnant.  This is in spite of a lack of medical evidence supporting  drug use as the cause of her miscarriage.

We can only hope that the MS supreme court judges aren't all totally brainwashed uber right wing Christian hypocrites and this gets struck down before it makes it onto the ballot in November.  They are supposed to decide on it soon.   If they let it pass, I will be out there and busy getting people informed of the ACTUAL consequences to Mississippi women if this should pass.

Apparently someone read The Handmaid's Tale and thinks it's a great blueprint for the future.

Birth story

I finally posted an expanded version of Seth's arrival at birthtrauma .  It is a lot longer than what I had posted in my journal previously. 
If anyone cares (and I'm not sure there is anyone actually reading this anymore, as I haven't posted very much in a while) I am still having issues.  And I will have to be my own shrink, as our insurance is expired and I don't trust them anyway.  I have a few friends who are/were studying for a degree in that field, but I am out of touch with them, so no help there.  They are prettymuch the only proffessionals I would trust enough to talk to anyway.

So I'll just have to keep on dealing with it Scarlett style until the screaming nightmares show up.  Then, I suppose I will have to seek proffesional help from somewhere.

I am so tired, but this is the only time I get to myself.  I should really go to sleep b/c Seth will be awake about nine a.m.


Equating books with candy.

I was inspired by a post elsewhere, and since I already had this idea, I am going to make a list of the pulp fiction I've read and say what kind of candy I think it is like.  Might say why too, but maybe in a different post as I should REALLY be in bed right now instead of typing this.

Twilight-  Cotton Candy, light fluffy and absolutely no substance whatsoever.
Vampire Diaries (original)~ Some higher end chocolate
Vampire Diaries (new ones)- Tootsie rolls (I hate those)
Sookie Stackhouse series- Milky Way
Anita Blake~ Dark Chocolate with caramel- chewy, sticky, but with a bit of bite
Merry Gentry~ Chocolate pie with whipped cream, lots of it.  B/c when you bite into it, you're like "oh this is so bad for me, but I want MORE.

That's all for now.  Feel free to leave suggestions, and/or your own comparisions in the comments.  As may be obvious at this point, I really love chocolate.  I'll think up some more when it's not 0'dark thirty.


Nestle Boycott

So I am boycotting Nestle, which means I will no longer be buying Hagen Daas, as they are owned by Nestle.  And I'll have to figure what do do about choc syrup, b/c their kind was the only one that didn't have HFCS in it.  But other than that, there aren't really any other brands they own that I buy.  Lucky for me.

Here is a link that puts into words better than I can just why I and so many others have chosen to boycott Nestle.


Edit:  After some research I discovered that Hagen Daas is NOT owned by Nestle.  Yay!!! 


About the Toxic Chemical Reform bill

Hope that works.
Anyway, it is amazing and terrifying the number of untested chemicals we are exposed to every day.  I try to keep them to a minimum in my house but I know there are some in my mattress, my couch, the rug in the master bedroom, the computer, and those stupid vinyl floor tiles they put down before we moved in.  Oh, and the TV too.  Electronical stuff has PBDEs if I remember right.

Let the politicians know we want the right to not be slowly poisoned every day.  Did you know that under the current Toxic substances act, the EPA can't really do ANYTHING to the companies that violate it?  They pulled all the teeth out of that bill when they passed it.  We need to make sure that doesn't happen with this one.


If It Was My Home - Visualizing the BP Oil Spill

When it is centered over Meridian, it stretches from Jackson to Birmingham and almost down to Hattiesburg.  It is now bigger than several European countries and would cover most of VA, all of South Carolina, Most of Maine, and several of the smaller states in the NE at once.  It would cover Ireland, The Netherlands & Belgium at the same time, almost all of Austria, and a number of the Eastern European countries.

And they don't expect to be able to fully stop it until August at the earliest. How big will it be by then? And how far spread? It's supposed to be a very busy hurricane season this year.  That could spread the oil all over the place.


Blog Challenge!

Everyone has things they blog about. Everyone has things they don't blog about Challenge me out of my comfort zone by telling me something I don't blog about, but you'd like to hear about, and I'll write a post about it. Ask for anything: latest movie watched, last book read, political leanings, thoughts on yaoi, thoughts on lima beans, favorite language, graphic techniques, etc. Repost in your own journal so that we can all learn more about each other.

Family, baby, randomness, possibly ranty.

So I am still HUGELY pregnant.  I don't even fit into the maternity pants I wore the last time with Duo!  It's insane!  The only pants I can wear comfortably are pajamas.  Baby is due next week or anytime thereafter.  I have a feeling it will be next week.  This would be fine with me except my sister, who FINALLY moved out of my mom's house and in with her new BF in Oklahoma, is going to be back in town visiting, and she has been COMPLETELY unsupportive of my decision to birth at home.  So I do not want to see her AT ALL.  Since she will probably be staying at my Mother's again, this also means I can't visit my mom while she is off work for Spring Break. (She teaches 1st grade.)  SUCK. 
The rest of my family hasn't really been supportive either, including my mom, but they are dealing with the fact that I am an adult and capable of making an informed decision.

Jayson is back now, which is good.  Finally got to go and pick him up from Camp Shelby for good (hopefully) this past Monday.  Duo is enjoying having his daddy back and begging piggy back rides a lot.  We need to go hunt for tadpoles today before it rains again.  We are growing some veggies this year.  Duo has a planter full of carrot sprouts.  He loves carrots anyway, and is having fun watering them and watching them grow.  I am also attempting to grow some strawberries, which I shall make into jam, if successful.  Might do some other things later.

The weather has finally warmed up, so I was able to turn off the space heaters we had been having to use since the central heat died after our snowstorm in Feb.  That REALLY ran up the power bill.  They are extremely energy UN-efficient.  Also, I keep feeling overheated.  So I've got several windows open and am letting in the fresh air.  It's still a bit cool at night, but that means now I'm not waking up to throw off the comforter because I got too hot.  And my stomach itches like crazy.  That's one of the things people don't mention about being pregnant.  Third trimester, apparently you itch like mad.  And nothing makes it stop except scratching, which I have to do through a shirt or something so I don't break the skin.

Anyway, Duo is awake now and wanting attention, so I need to go.   I am SO looking forward to when the baby is here and I can sleep, or just lie on my stomach again.




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