OMG! an LJ post!

New Year, New Start, Same Livejournal

It's been so long since I have logged in here that they made me reset my flipping password. *Annoying*

2020 did not hit us too hard, as we are still living on the farm, Jayson is still in his job and extremely unlikely to lose it, and the kids are still homeschooled. So not too much changed, since our homeschool group kinda fizzed out a year before the whole 2020 debacle. We just go into town less often.

I hope all the friends who have fallen out of touch with me are safe and healthy and stay that way. I am still around, and just wanted to let people know, if they try to contact me through LJ.

I've gotten back into sewing, I have a miniature project that I am working on, I relearned my joy of cross-stitch doing presents for people this past Yule, and I learned a little about beekeeping in 2020. I am planning several historical dresses, one mideaval and one regency at least. doing the regency stays will probably be the trickiest part of the whole plan. I have a chemise made and am working on a petticoat. I need to find my corset that still fits before I can work on some later projects.

I am going to try and update here at least once a month this year
Amalthea human from last unicorn

Dark Days and Heat Waves

 So Wednesday we had to take Papaw to the hospital because he was throwing up blood. They've got him in a room with an IV, but can't really do the test to find out why until Monday because he has been on blood thinners, and they have to wait until those clear out of his system.  He is 90 and if he makes it until November will be 91. He has been fighting respiratory illness all year. So I am concerned that being in the Hospital he will catch something else.

I feel the spectre of death looming over him. He is my last living grandparent and I am really not ready to see him go.

We are helping Uncle Kim with the animals, the Heat Index was 110 degrees F yesterday, so it is very important to keep them all well watered. I hope our being here and looking after the farm takes some of the load off his mind. I should go check the animals now.

Chibi-chibi with kitties!!

I should really be asleep right now

But since I am not, I thought that I would post an update.

My niece has her birthday party tonight. It's Drive-In themed at my mom's house. She is staying there while my sister is at college out of town. They were both staying there with my uncle last year, but there were a lot of issues with her school, and how they sent her to counseling without informing my sister and a bunch of other stuff.

So we are going to that. Jayson is going to drop us off on his way to work, and Mom will bring us back after.

Xander has gotten back into Veggie Tales. I wish I could find our copy of Lord of the Beans or The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything. No idea where they have gotten to. Seth really likes Choose Your Own Adventure books. And Wishbone, since I found some episodes on YouTube. I wish they would put that up on one of the streaming sites because YouTube does not have that much and the quality is iffy. It was a good show. We have 3 Wishbone books that I got in a bin of books from my stepmom when she and my dad were cleaning off their carport. They were her classroom library books from her teaching days. Some I already had, some I did not. I am keeping about half of them and donating the rest to the thrift store that helps support the local children's group home.

In other news, we have been invaded by fire ants and the other night they were biting me in my bed when I was trying to go to sleep. So I am about ready to resort to pesticides around the house. I will just have to hope that the lizards don't eat any of the bait. I like the lizards, but the ants have gone too far. And the ant bait traps from Walmart do not work at all.

Happy Friday the 13th!!

And it's a Full Moon tonight! The Harvest Moon! So that hardly ever happens, and this has never been an unlucky day for me, so I'm not worried.

Also, it is my LiveJournal friend devifemme birthday today! So Happy Birthday to you! I hope you have a wonderful day!

I have grocery shopping to do today and children who are wondering what the big deal about Friday 13th is. Fortunately, I got an email that explains the history of the superstitions around it today. Convenient.

Also happening this weekend, my sister will be dyeing my hair in the "Galaxy" style. Should look amazing. I will try to post pictures. Which reminds me I need to upload the stuff on my phone and post some of those.

Hope everyone has a lovely day!
Dark is Rising

Little Adventures

First of all, I would just like to say that I hope all my friends along the east coast are staying safe from the storms.

Secondly, I had a little adventure this morning. I was just leaving to go register the boys with the attendance officer, and I had already pulled out onto the road when I saw a big brown lizard looking at me through the windshield! I was surprised, but fortunately, I was not past Uncle Kim's driveway yet, so I pulled in there and herded it off the car. It ran kind of under the back end of the car, so I hope it got out of the way when I pulled out. He was a lovely big lizard, about 8 inches long I think.

Got the boys all registered, so done with that paperwork until next year. Then I went to the grocery store because we needed milk, juice, water, sandwich meat, and yogurt. And I got chocolate chip muffins because they had some on the clearance baked goods rack. I got bananas too. Lucked out and managed to get 6 loaves of the good bread from the bread store. Now I can make cucumber sandwiches.

Watched Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. It was great. I kinda hope they have another season in the works. Jayson said that he saw a review that said it "lacked depth" I said "Compared to what? The Challenger Deep?" Plenty of depth in that show. Makes me want to watch the original movie again. We were having a timeline argument about how far after the series the movie happens. Also, the big wormy things were making me want to watch the old school Dune again.

Gotta go work on reducing the pile of laundry some more. I hope all of Xander's clothes are done, I don't think I can squeeze any more shirts or pants into his drawers.
MLP neatfreak

Working on stuff

Just trying to get the boys back in the swing of school. Gotta get them registered with the attendance officer.

Working on getting the house clean and organized. Got a big pile of laundry I am working through. Sorting out all the baby clothes that are too small for l'il bit, I am going to donate them. Clearing out some stuff that does not fit me anymore, or "spark joy" like the Marie Kondo fans say. Still trying to find all the matches to my socks. I know they are in this house somewhere.

Netflix is calling me, but I can't watch the Dark Crystal series without Jayson, because we started watching it together, so I have to wait for his next night off. The New season of Agents of SHEILD dropped too, so there is that one. And I am in the middle of three books, but I have got to get the housework handled first. Too many things sucking up my time. Gotta prioritize. The boys' school and housework need to come first.

Splurged a little bit on a Squishable sale. One for each of the boys, and one bigger one (that is retiring and was almost sold out) for me. Duo got the Mini Seagull with Captain's Hat, Seth got the Mini Manatee, and Xander got the Mini Chocolate Milk carton. I got the Soft Serve Swirl Ice Cream Cone.

Duo has been doing pretty well with his schoolwork, although he is ignoring his math. I'm not going to fight about it now. We can work on other stuff for the time being. Advantage of sort of un-schooling, and living in MS, where the regulations allow for flexibility in home-study programs.

I can't believe Duo is 14 now! He is taller than I am, and will probably be taller than Jayson by the time he is 18. Crazy. He just had his birthday, and I think it was a pretty good one. He got at least a few presents he liked, and two pies. Plus the Squishable he is getting. He is collecting the Birbs. I collect the Unicorns and the Comfort Foods. I really would like the Massive Avocado, but that is sadly out of budget range.

I should really go put away some clean laundry and get to bed.
Ridcully Quantum


My dreams, I should start by saying, are always weird. Some more so than others. This was probably normal level weird except for the person involved.

So I was helping Gaia (the goddess) on her quest to save the planet from Mankind's destruction. There were other deities involved, but that part is all fuzzy. There was one guy with a huge backpack and a pet pig who was doing recon/spy work for Gaia, but that is all I remember about that. So me and Gaia were good friends, and she was dating this guy who was basically Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. Who at one point decided to try and seduce me (which was weird because my dreams hardly ever go towards sexy times, or not the ones I remember anyway) and he compliments my intelligence (because who doesn't like to be appreciated for more than their appearance right?) and he's in this big bed (Gaia had just left after I delivered a report) and I was sitting on the edge of the bed and he runs his fingers up the back of my scalp, which is totally a thing with me, head scritches are the best. And I won't lie, there was some mutual attraction there, but my libido does not control me. So I backed up and said, "Look, you are dating Gaia and she is like my best friend, and I would NEVER do that to her, and secondly, I am happily married and I would never to that to him either."

So then I left the room and went to round up my kids, who were hanging around. And then the 4 yo needed the toilet so we went looking for one, and since it was a dream, all the bathrooms had rows of toilets with no stall doors or walls, and half of them were nasty and filthy, but eventually we found one, and he peed and then we went to leave and were going to walk home through the city and that was when I woke up.

My dreams are weird. I prefer the Loki dreams where we are always heisting really randomly weird shit.
Amalthea human from last unicorn

So tired

Tired but can't sleep, got stuff to do. Lots has happened (little stuff, but lots). I need to eat before I go to bed, and baby boy is sleeping already so I really need to hit the hay.

Re-arranging the living room, hopefully getting new bookcases (we really need them) and then I can get the books off the stacks on the floor where they are now.

Primary day was --- interesting. They had the Democrats filling out the computer form, but the Republicans were doing the written ballots. Smelled awfully fishy to me.

Cat has worms. Caught him pooping some out and he ran off with some dangling out of his butthole and I had to chase him through the house. They have both been dosed with de-wormer, and I am confining them to the bathroom until further notice. I dunno how they could have gotten worms, they have never been outside! Ugh. So nasty.

Food, toilet, and bed for me now.

Until next time.

It's Primary Day!

So the primary elections are today, and I am planning to go, assuming the Navy Base ever turns my husband loose so we can go vote. They are having drills today, after the twelve hour shift last night, and the meeting he thought was at 1 pm but wasn't until 3, so he got very little sleep yesterday and he is scheduled to work tonight too, and I hope the asshat who put them on 12 hour shifts gets pesticide resistant crotch lice.

So you don't have to register to a party to vote here. But you only get to vote in one group, not for both sides. And you can only vote in the runoff (if there is one) of the party who you voted for in the primary. Anyway, they do NOT make it easy to find your district online. So I still have no clue which state rep it is because there are 122 districts and ZERO maps online that I can find. Lame.

Starting the boys back to school work this week, now that I have finally gotten little bit onto a mostly daytime schedule. He slept until 2:30 am this morning. Hopefully we can make it later than that tonight. If I can just keep him up until about 6 pm, and me too.

The older boys keep trying to get me to go play Fallen London. They are both hooked. But I have enough time consuming games, with Diggy's Adventure, June's Journey, and my newest (yesterday) Lily's Garden. Plus I play Emoji Blitz, although that is starting to feel like slogging, and I'll let one of the boys play for me half the time.

I think I forgot to mention that we have kittens. From the same litter, a friend has a female cat who got out because their landlord left the door open. One of the people they were going to give a kitten to backed out at the last minute, so we got 2. They are both boys, black with greenish eyes. One has grey bits on his ears and some tiny white bits scattered in his fur, the other is all black except for a white patch on his belly at the hind end. We named them Loki and Hod. They are appalling little shits. OMG, they poop more in one day than Oliver did in a week, I swear. But I finally got them litter box trained. Or mostly. They still occasionally pee on the floor outside the box. And we have fleas, because PetCo no longer sells the flea pills for cats. Dammit. We are going to have to take them to the vet to get the pills now. They keep trying to hop in my lap when I am on the toilet. Very annoying. It's fun to watch them chase the red dot. They can be quite entertaining when they aren't being obnoxious poop monsters. I probably would not have agreed to take both of them if I had realized how much more food and poop two make. It is not a 1+1, it is exponential. Still working on teaching them that the cat tree is the only thing they are allowed to sharpen their claws on. And I have to keep after the boys to keep papers off the floor, b/c they think that means it's a good place to pee.

We got Descendants 3 in the mail yesterday (I had pre-ordered it) but I was exhausted and fell asleep around 4, so we haven't watched it yet. Should probably go do that now. And I need to find out who ate my PB Twix that was in the fridge. It was there last night, and I know it wasn't little bit. Seth claims he doesn't like Twix and I asked Jayson, and he said he didn't, and if he had he would have copped to it and promised to buy me another one. Which leaves Duo.