Jaysons_Lady (jaysons_lady) wrote,

So tired

Tired but can't sleep, got stuff to do. Lots has happened (little stuff, but lots). I need to eat before I go to bed, and baby boy is sleeping already so I really need to hit the hay.

Re-arranging the living room, hopefully getting new bookcases (we really need them) and then I can get the books off the stacks on the floor where they are now.

Primary day was --- interesting. They had the Democrats filling out the computer form, but the Republicans were doing the written ballots. Smelled awfully fishy to me.

Cat has worms. Caught him pooping some out and he ran off with some dangling out of his butthole and I had to chase him through the house. They have both been dosed with de-wormer, and I am confining them to the bathroom until further notice. I dunno how they could have gotten worms, they have never been outside! Ugh. So nasty.

Food, toilet, and bed for me now.

Until next time.
Tags: baby, books, boys, cats, kittens, voting

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