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My dreams, I should start by saying, are always weird. Some more so than others. This was probably normal level weird except for the person involved.

So I was helping Gaia (the goddess) on her quest to save the planet from Mankind's destruction. There were other deities involved, but that part is all fuzzy. There was one guy with a huge backpack and a pet pig who was doing recon/spy work for Gaia, but that is all I remember about that. So me and Gaia were good friends, and she was dating this guy who was basically Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. Who at one point decided to try and seduce me (which was weird because my dreams hardly ever go towards sexy times, or not the ones I remember anyway) and he compliments my intelligence (because who doesn't like to be appreciated for more than their appearance right?) and he's in this big bed (Gaia had just left after I delivered a report) and I was sitting on the edge of the bed and he runs his fingers up the back of my scalp, which is totally a thing with me, head scritches are the best. And I won't lie, there was some mutual attraction there, but my libido does not control me. So I backed up and said, "Look, you are dating Gaia and she is like my best friend, and I would NEVER do that to her, and secondly, I am happily married and I would never to that to him either."

So then I left the room and went to round up my kids, who were hanging around. And then the 4 yo needed the toilet so we went looking for one, and since it was a dream, all the bathrooms had rows of toilets with no stall doors or walls, and half of them were nasty and filthy, but eventually we found one, and he peed and then we went to leave and were going to walk home through the city and that was when I woke up.

My dreams are weird. I prefer the Loki dreams where we are always heisting really randomly weird shit.
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