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Working on stuff

Just trying to get the boys back in the swing of school. Gotta get them registered with the attendance officer.

Working on getting the house clean and organized. Got a big pile of laundry I am working through. Sorting out all the baby clothes that are too small for l'il bit, I am going to donate them. Clearing out some stuff that does not fit me anymore, or "spark joy" like the Marie Kondo fans say. Still trying to find all the matches to my socks. I know they are in this house somewhere.

Netflix is calling me, but I can't watch the Dark Crystal series without Jayson, because we started watching it together, so I have to wait for his next night off. The New season of Agents of SHEILD dropped too, so there is that one. And I am in the middle of three books, but I have got to get the housework handled first. Too many things sucking up my time. Gotta prioritize. The boys' school and housework need to come first.

Splurged a little bit on a Squishable sale. One for each of the boys, and one bigger one (that is retiring and was almost sold out) for me. Duo got the Mini Seagull with Captain's Hat, Seth got the Mini Manatee, and Xander got the Mini Chocolate Milk carton. I got the Soft Serve Swirl Ice Cream Cone.

Duo has been doing pretty well with his schoolwork, although he is ignoring his math. I'm not going to fight about it now. We can work on other stuff for the time being. Advantage of sort of un-schooling, and living in MS, where the regulations allow for flexibility in home-study programs.

I can't believe Duo is 14 now! He is taller than I am, and will probably be taller than Jayson by the time he is 18. Crazy. He just had his birthday, and I think it was a pretty good one. He got at least a few presents he liked, and two pies. Plus the Squishable he is getting. He is collecting the Birbs. I collect the Unicorns and the Comfort Foods. I really would like the Massive Avocado, but that is sadly out of budget range.

I should really go put away some clean laundry and get to bed.
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