Jaysons_Lady (jaysons_lady) wrote,

Little Adventures

First of all, I would just like to say that I hope all my friends along the east coast are staying safe from the storms.

Secondly, I had a little adventure this morning. I was just leaving to go register the boys with the attendance officer, and I had already pulled out onto the road when I saw a big brown lizard looking at me through the windshield! I was surprised, but fortunately, I was not past Uncle Kim's driveway yet, so I pulled in there and herded it off the car. It ran kind of under the back end of the car, so I hope it got out of the way when I pulled out. He was a lovely big lizard, about 8 inches long I think.

Got the boys all registered, so done with that paperwork until next year. Then I went to the grocery store because we needed milk, juice, water, sandwich meat, and yogurt. And I got chocolate chip muffins because they had some on the clearance baked goods rack. I got bananas too. Lucked out and managed to get 6 loaves of the good bread from the bread store. Now I can make cucumber sandwiches.

Watched Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. It was great. I kinda hope they have another season in the works. Jayson said that he saw a review that said it "lacked depth" I said "Compared to what? The Challenger Deep?" Plenty of depth in that show. Makes me want to watch the original movie again. We were having a timeline argument about how far after the series the movie happens. Also, the big wormy things were making me want to watch the old school Dune again.

Gotta go work on reducing the pile of laundry some more. I hope all of Xander's clothes are done, I don't think I can squeeze any more shirts or pants into his drawers.
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