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Dark Days and Heat Waves

 So Wednesday we had to take Papaw to the hospital because he was throwing up blood. They've got him in a room with an IV, but can't really do the test to find out why until Monday because he has been on blood thinners, and they have to wait until those clear out of his system.  He is 90 and if he makes it until November will be 91. He has been fighting respiratory illness all year. So I am concerned that being in the Hospital he will catch something else.

I feel the spectre of death looming over him. He is my last living grandparent and I am really not ready to see him go.

We are helping Uncle Kim with the animals, the Heat Index was 110 degrees F yesterday, so it is very important to keep them all well watered. I hope our being here and looking after the farm takes some of the load off his mind. I should go check the animals now.


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