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New Year, New Start, Same Livejournal

It's been so long since I have logged in here that they made me reset my flipping password. *Annoying*

2020 did not hit us too hard, as we are still living on the farm, Jayson is still in his job and extremely unlikely to lose it, and the kids are still homeschooled. So not too much changed, since our homeschool group kinda fizzed out a year before the whole 2020 debacle. We just go into town less often.

I hope all the friends who have fallen out of touch with me are safe and healthy and stay that way. I am still around, and just wanted to let people know, if they try to contact me through LJ.

I've gotten back into sewing, I have a miniature project that I am working on, I relearned my joy of cross-stitch doing presents for people this past Yule, and I learned a little about beekeeping in 2020. I am planning several historical dresses, one mideaval and one regency at least. doing the regency stays will probably be the trickiest part of the whole plan. I have a chemise made and am working on a petticoat. I need to find my corset that still fits before I can work on some later projects.

I am going to try and update here at least once a month this year
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