October 13th, 2004

no originality

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Been a while since i put a real post up, so I thought i should. anyway. Life is crazy, and I need to go get a little debbie oatmeal cookie for my breakfast. Then go to class.

I have the newest Laurell K. Hamilton book! YAY!! But it is making me miss my Jayson more. boo.
But there are only 15 days until I get to see him!! Yay!! and then I am going to be givin my wedding band set. YAY! How he managed to get real diamonds on it with the limit I set him, i have no idea. He is just awesome like that.

Been being all vampy bloodlusty. Better than being the other kind when I don't have Jayson.

I should go now.

HUNGRY............................*growling tummy*
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