May 1st, 2012

Abominations unto the Lord

Passing this along :( So sad.

Some people don't believe cases like this one are real until they see them in person.  Even then there are people who are SO VERY anti-abortion that they say it would have been better for the mother to die than to have one.  Because purposefully orphaning your children is so very much what Jesus would have done. 

Some other links to check out:

If you are one FB:  There are quite a few other groups on there as well.  that one goes to a document that lists most of the current legislation pending, including at least one that states Doctors can WITHHOLD information from a pregnant woman if they believe that information could result in the woman choosing to terminate their pregnancy. ~ the Fight Laws Against Women page/group.

What happened to America?  When did we become a Fascist Theocracy?   Being in MS, listed as the worst place for a woman to live in America, I really really want to move.  Because these uber conservative so called "christian" legislators would really like to take us back to the 1800s, when women were property and for the most part not allowed to speak in public.   Look up some documentaries on the women's sufferage movement, and you will see the type of mindset women are up against here.