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Ohayo Mina-san!

I finally got a letter from my Jayson on Saturday. He is being very busy and did not say whether he got the letters I had already sent or not.
They had to do their biochemical warfare training on Friday. That means they have to sit in a chamber full of riot gas for like one or two minutes with no mask on. He says it really clears out your sinuses.
I think they start the rifle training next week. He is good at that.

I actually finally got the FAFSA thing done. And I accomplished some stuff today. I got more stamps, went by MCC and found out what books I need so that Dad can get them for me cheap, went by Hancock's fabric store and got some cool fabric for the bag my sis is gonna make me. And then we went by Hudson's where my sis went shopping. And I mailed Jayson a letter and sent his carnote and cell phone bill to the people they needed to go to. They are late, but better that than not at all.

I had fun at the NGE marathon. Much prefer the series ending. And I like the computer girl from the other series that i cannot spell.



HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MARGARET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I miss my Jayson. But I found out that I will get to see him sooner than I thought. Family Day is September 25, so I get to see him that weekend. YAY!! And then it is only one more month until he graduates. Barring accidents.

I shall go now. My sister wants the computer.

Ja ne.

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