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well, colour me seriously DISTURBED O.o

To explain....

Recently I saw some fan art done by one of my favorite fan fiction authors. They were of Duo Maxwell from Gundam Wing, and were fanart for another writer's story. Being naturally curious to see and read for myself the work that inspired this great artistic outpouring, I went to find the fic. JIC ya'll are interested it's Sunhawk's Road Trip Arc.
So I go to the site and discover it is yaoi fic. Let me make something clear. I do NOT like yaoi. Nothing against the authors or anything, but I dislike seeing my favorite drool worthy charecters hooked up with other guys. There are already too many cute guys who wind up being gay. In anime and real life too.

Now Duo is my FAVORITEST of all my FAVORITE anime charecters. And I cannot understand why some people fail to see that it should be Duo and Hilde, NOT Duo and Heero. Or Duo and any of the other guys.
Now this fic also had Quatre and Trowa together. I don't much like that, but I can see it happening. Neither of them have female attachments. But Duo has Hilde and Heero has Relina. I know a lot of people don't like her, but she is a major part of the storyline with Heero. And obviously in love with him.
The thing that has disturbed me about this story, which I have read the first Four parts of, is that I am finding it plausible. And what really disturbs me is that i am finding it sweet, cute, and at the same time totally incredibly WRONG. But I can't stop reading it. There is too much plot and so far only kissing. And in this story line, I can deal with it. But I don't think I could handle a full fledged sex scene between Heero and Duo. And I CAN'T stop READING it!!!!! The plotline has me thoroughly hooked. Even though some bits are OOC for them, it is so well written that I fear it shall change my perception of Gundam Wing forever, like "Waters Under Earth" did with Ranma 1/2.

I am having issues. Duo is too pretty for his genes to be lost to the future of Humanity, even if it is only in the anime universe.

At least it isn't as wrong as those Harry/Snape, Harry/Draco, Hermione/Snape, etc fics that I have heard some insane Harry Potter fans have written. Those are just REALLY SICK.

Here's my theory on why relationships between the Gundam pilots are plausable.
They are teenagers. Raging hormones. Who do they hang with most? Each other. Who are their friends? Each other. My example of what this leads to:


Dad: oh My God, my baby girl has breasts! Boys are noticing her!
Mom: We must send her to an all girls boarding school to preserve her innocence!

6 or so years later.......

Daughter: Mom, Dad, I have something to tell you...... I'm a lesbian.

Both Parents: *Wailing* How could this happen!?!?!?!?

My theory:
When one is exposed to nothing but others of one's same gender, and feelings towards the other gender are suppressed or one is made to feel guilty about such feelings, naturally one would develop an attraction for others of the SAME gender, since any sign of attraction to the opposite gender has been discouraged or veiwed as "dirty". Of course, people's puritanical parents don't see this, and certainly don't see the alternative as better, but often see it as much worse and wonder where they went wrong.
I acknowledge that yes, some people are born wanting to be female, or male, even if they were born the opposite. But that isn't quite the same thing. And yes, a lot of people who are gay were abused children. That's just statistics.
But not the deciding factor. That varies for everyone. I know lots of people who were abused as children and they are straight, and some are bi, the only thing they all have in common is really f*cked up love lives.
So parents, protecting your children is all well and good, but if you push too hard they could go in a direction you totally do not expect. So stop pushing. If they want to have sex, they are teenagers and will find a way to do it, no matter what you say or do. Better that they feel they can talk to you about it without feeling judged, than feel they have to go sneaking around behind your back and do Goddess only knows what.

Okay, I think I have finished ranting. I feel better. I've sent Jayson a few more letters. Been reading other stuff than fanfics too. And working on cleaning my room again. I have had 2 letters from Jayson so far. Hopefully I will get another this weekend.
I don't think I am getting a Pell Grant this year. I think we did something wrong on the FAFSA. But oh well. I'm only going this fall, and I think I will have my work study job anyway. Mrs. McNeel likes me. I keep things organized for her.

I hope to see everyone at school who is still going to be there. I will muchly miss Dania-chan, since she is going to be at MUW. And Sarah-chan, since she should be going to MSU

I still haven't heard anything from Sarah-chan. Has anyone else heard anything?

I should go and finish cleaning my room and write Jayson another page of letter.

Matte ne.

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