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Bored and Lonely

My mom is watching Forrest Gump on tv. I want to be with my Jayson. Sarah is gone to Houston until next Thursday, and I dunno if anyone else is online.

For interested parties, my darling fiance looks like a young Kurt Cobaine with short hair. When he had long hair back in high school, he looked more like him. And according to me and Sarah, he also resembles Ewan McGregor. He doesn't believe us. He also doesn't believe me when I tell him he has a great singing voice. He is weird, and that's a good thing, because I am REALLY weird.

Oh yeah, and Nicky is in trouble with him. Won't tell her why. She'll have to ask him.

AHHHHHHH!!!!! I need to spend some quality snuggle fun time with my Jayson!!

I am going to take some more quizzes or something.

check this site out http://modestexposure.deviantart.com/gallery

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