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Address and update

hey all my peoples and whover else reads this~

So, we are all moved in to an apartment in Syracuse. It's Nob Hill Apartments. Anyone who has read a lot of British stuff will get the joke in that. New york is pretty cool. VERY COLD. It has snowed twice already. And there are a good two or three inches on the ground right now. But it is supposed to warm up to 50 degrees F next tues.
Here's the address:

211 Lafayette Rd. Apt. 124
Syracuse, NY 3105
crap, i can't remember the zip code. i'm not sure those numbers are in the right order, but I will post it later or you guys can look it up if you like.

Anyways, we might get to come back down for a day or two to get the rest of our stuff and get to see people. Which would be awesome. I don't get to get online much, since we have to drive up to Ft. Drum to the library and we can only do that on Saturdays. Sorry. Whenever I get my laptop we will probably get internet at the apt and I will be able to chat and stuff.

We have lots to do today and are keeping busy. Margaret has my cell # if anyone who can call wants it. Pref call on weekends. Got more minutes to talk then.

Must to go.

hugs and snuggles,


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