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Finally!! Computer acess for long enough to post.

And naturally it's the day before I have to leave, so I must track everyone down today. The only one I've seen is Tiffanie Pearce when she was at work. Must to call people.

My Vacations been okay. Wish the cold weather hadn't decided to come with us though. it's snowed a lot in Syracuse. It was actually snowing when we left. And had been snowy the week before too.

We drove down on I-81 and stopped off at Nashville to visit Jayson's Aunt Lygia. We stayed there a few days before heading down here. She collects chicken stuff. she has about a thousand chicken items in her house. Plates, towels, figurines, pictures, you name it, she probably has it. Anyway, got alright presents there. A nice fuzzy sweater, a spiky hemp wrapped necklace (i'll probly never wear it), a funky scarf thingie, some bath stuff from Jayson's cousin Shae. And we had two presents for both of us. A foot spa bath thing and some more towels.

We didn't stop in Meridian long last week. Said hi to mom and got a hotel. (My room has been declared a storage area) Then we went to the coast to see all Jaysons friends. They all played D&D all night and I was on the computer there trying to catch up on everybodys journals but I got booted before I could post. So I went to sleep.

We didn't actually get into town until Thursday night. We've been staying with my Grandmother. Friday we went to Starkville with my Mom to see Aunt Debbie and that whole side of the family. Trey never showed up, so Jayson got his present. He got an H.P. Lovecraft book. I got 2 bags of pecans which I am giving away. Of couse, I also got some extra Christmas money from my Grandpa. They had already sent us $100 apeice. So, Jayson got to meet my Aunt Debbie and Cousin Rebecca Ann, who likes to be called Becky now.
So we came back to Meridian. Saw Tiffany. Gave her her present and Nick's. Then we came back to Collinsville to go to sleep. Saturday was Christmas, (duh) and Dad was late as usual. But we got everyone here and opened the presents. which makes you realize how little your family knows you. Sometimes. I got an Anne Klein shirt from my stepmother and my dad. And more bath stuff from Gr. and Papaw. Got some neat p.j.'s from them, and some more money. On to the really good presents! Dad got me a giant 5 pound bar of Hershey's chocolate. A large leather bound Journal (I will never have to buy another one at this rate). And from Grandmother I got two figurines of Japanese ladies she had that I have been wanting forever. We had Cajun turkey for dinner. It's SPICY, and very good.

Oh yeah. At Mom's we didn't get much. She's about broke this year with no money for presents, since she bought the house. She gave me and Kat Bracelets (I have given mine to Kat) and I got a journal. So I got two journals and I am still using the one from last Christmas.

Me and Jayson saw Blade: Trinity yesterday. I am going to see Spanglish with my sis sometime today. As well as trying to track people down. I know where Paul and Margaret live so I should be able to get them their presents. And I have Dania's phone # so maybe I can get hold of her.

Must to go take my shower and eat something now before I begin the great search.

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