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We got Housing!!

It's 15 minutes from base in West Carthage, (wherever that is) and has washer/dryer hookups! And two bedrooms! and a balcony! and a garage! Of course the garage is too small to fit the car in, and I have no idea what kind of cars the builders had in mind, b/c our car is not a big car.

So we will be saving a lot of gas money, and laundry money, if I can get a washer and dryer from my Papaw. So if we can get out of our lease at Nob Hill we will be peachy.

The only downside about the new place is that it has NO A/C. But we shouldn't be that hot up there for too much longer, so I think we can deal.

We won't be getting BAH anymore, but we don't have to pay rent or utilities, and we will still get an extra few hundred a month for groceries. Base housing rocks.

In other news, I did get the most important stuff back from Holly's. HaHa. The judge ruled in my favor and we got all of my furniture that my Grandpa Billy made me back. And my dresser. Now we just have to get it moved up to New York. And I need to see about getting some Milk crates to use for shelves and storage and stuff. B/c crates are the furniture of poor college students everywhere.

NickyMcCloud stopped by today and gave me a cd w/Discworld music on it and also. . .. . . . . Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars! Awesomeness. And it's in Japanese. haPPIES.

I'm still working on my baby quilt, and still have some boxes in my closet to go through. Need to get crackin on that. Not too much time until the baby is due. He weighs over five lbs already, and I told him he can show up anytime after August 21.

Jayson would like to get me back up to New York NOW, and not wait until after the baby is born. I would like that too. I really want him to be there when the baby is born. However, lack of transportation holds me back.

That's all the news i can think of right now.


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