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Home again, Home again. . .

Actually I got back last Saturday,  but i've been busy going through my mail and unpacking and cleaning, and setting up doctor's appointments and stocking up, since it is snowing once again and is supposed to until Monday at least , at which point it will turn all slushy.  Sorry that was such a long sentence.  Anyway, it is cold up here but my new winter coat that i got in MS is nice and toasty.  On Monday  Duo broke the TV in the living room.  It will not turn on anymore.  So i tried to hook up the antenna to the other TV in the bedroom.  Guess what? Antenna's from America will not work on Iraqi TV's.  So I tried to hook up the VCR.  Cords didn't match up.  So I went out and bought a connector which i hoped would work and raced home, hoping not to miss too much of NCIS.  Tried to hook it up.   Didn't work.  They fit, but it didn't do anything.  So i missed NCIS.  Wednesday, Duo is messing with this TV and I notice a little panel.  I open it up, and lo and behold, there are two connector ports!  I try the cable i bought, and it fits.  I hit the tv/av button on the remote and Hooray!  I have Television!   Ah, the many adventures of raising a toddler.  He has also discovered a new game called "Throw the balls down the Stairs".  I do not like this game.  I don't think he will be keeping those balls much longer.  I will put them away until he is older or we are someplace without stairs.

Found the movie with the funniest title ever (imo) "Jesus Christ: Vampire Slayer"  Don't believe me?  Go look on Netflix.  I discovered a few new series while i was in MS and on the way home.  #1 is "Blood Ties" on Lifetime.  If you like sexy vamp boys, it is a good show.  the plot doesn't suck either.  Though their grasp of the supernatural is often questionable.  There are witty bits.  #2 is also on Lifetime.  Coming up this summer is "Army Wives"  It looks interesting. And it has two actresses I really like.  Major Mackenzie from JAG and Sasha from Kindred: The Embraced.  #3 is the one I saw on the way up here while I was staying at hotels with HBO. It's "Big Love"  which was just hilarious.  It's about this guy, who by the show I saw, had three wives.  At the same time. And they know about each other.   Much insanity insues. I have the first season in my netflix queue.

Anyway, it's getting late, and Duo is in my lap getting fussy, so i had better go.

Tags: army wives, baby, big love, blood ties, duo, snow, tv, unpacking

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