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Stuff that keeps me busy

ARRGH!  The Girl Genius site is down again!  And they're at ComicCon, so they won't be able to fix it until they get back. GRR.   Well, at least by then there should be two new pages for me to see instead of just one.

Also, as anyone who also has  gakki  on their f-list knows, I am going to start customizing My Little Ponies.  Gakki is going to help me.  Since he is the sculpy knowledgeable one.  I'm gonna make some G3 Boy ponies.   So, getting some ponies, and researching how to do customs.  Also got hooked on this weird Japanese game which is all Victorian ladies slapping each other.  It's addictive.  I figured out the controls and I can get up to the boss (on easy mode) but haven't beat it yet.

I've been working on packing.  Got maybe half of the books packed.  Hopefully Jayson will be able to get me the paperwork I need by the second week in August.  I'd like to get moved before Duo's birthday, but towards the end of August, so that there will be less pro-rate rent to pay.   The playgrounds on base are awesome.  Much better than the ones here. They have baby swings, and some of them have those Merry-go-round thingies that you push.  That was my favorite thing.  Hopefully everyone knows what i mean.

I got a working record player, and some records.  The record player is fisher price, and apparently it has a church devoted to it. ( I am not kidding either)  

Finally saw 300 Thursday night.  It was good.  On Netflix this week I watched: Marie Antoinette(?sp), Secretary, and Preaching to the Perverted.  They were all good, but Secretary is my favorite.  I'm gonna have to get that one.  Also thursday I saw Order of the Phoenix.  It came on before 300, and I was sucked in by Luna Lovegood, who looks remarkably like my friend Tiffanie Pearce.  Sounds like her too.  So much so that I had to watch the credits to make sure it really wasn't her.
I'm going back to the drive-in this weekend, tomorrow probably, to see The Simpsons movie and the new Die Hard movie.

That's all I can think of at the moment.

Oh, yeah.  I got  to talk to Jayson yesterday.  I miss my Jayson.

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