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Prop 8 Rant

Well, it is seriously looking like California will pass Prop 8, and rescind the right to marry they recently granted gay people.  In "honor" of this ignominious event, I made the icon that graces this post.    For their hypocritical and repugnant behavior they deserve more harsh words than I can devise.   They had their chance when this came up before and Gay Marriage won that time.  They shouldn't be able to say, "okay you can do this," and then turn around a year or two later and say "no, wait, you can't do that anymore."

Gay people getting married in NO way threatens MY heterosexual marriage, and anyone who feels that it threatens theirs needs to start looking more closely at their OWN marriage instead of throwing metaphorical rocks at someone else's.  There are other countries where gay marriage is legal and their societies have not fallen into a dark abyss of corruption.  

At least this finally gives me a great incentive to do something I should have done years ago. As I have been reliably informed by several sources that the LDS church, aka "Mormons" were strongly supporting Prop 8, I am finally going to get my name stricken from the membership list.  I am listed as an inactive member and have not been an active member since I turned 18 and had a choice.  I was raised in that church and disagreed with them on a number of different issues, but this is the last straw.  I refuse to be even nominally associated with the LDS church anymore. It may cause strife with my mom when she finds out, but I will deal with it.   My grandparents would probably be happy about it as they do not consider Mormons to be Christians, but I will let them keep their illusions. My maternal grandmother is still in the hospital recovering from pneumonia, among other things, so now would definately not be the best time to out myself as a Pagan.  Especially since she is the one who is always sending us Christ-centric christmas and birthday cards.

Well, that is my little rant.  I need to go do some stuff.
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