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Updates and stuff.

Had Thanksgiving at my Grandparent's yesterday.  Had chicken instead of turkey.  Good food.  Duo got to run all over the place and have lots of people pay attention to him.  Got to pet the baby goats.  He chased the guinea fowl and was generally very bossy, but he finished all his veggies so he got dessert.

Was gonna go shopping this morning, but Jayson's alarm didn't  go off for some reason and we overslept, so he had to get ready super fast and go to work.  I'll just have to see if anything is left by the time he gets home.

My cousin Becky, whose husband is stationed up in Alaska, had a baby girl earlier this month.  Luckily her mom was there visiting.  Cute baby. Head full of hair.

Mom is spending the weekend in Jackson visiting her mom who is in the hospital. So I am feeding her cat while she is gone. Gotta go do that later today.

Made bread for Thanksgiving. Didn't turn out as well as the last time, but it was still pretty good.

My Webkinz collecting is gonna break me.  There are way too many that I want.  They are coming out with a new dragon in January, so I know we will be getting that one.  There are a lot that Duo wants too.  I mostly want the cats.  I was hoping to find them on sale somewhere today.

I've been re-reading The Enchanted Forest Chronicles.  Still good, and still funny.  I really want to get the next book in Jane Lindskold's Wolf series.  I've read the first four and except for the first one, they all end with me going "No! You can't stop there! What happens next!?"  I borrowed them from a friend.  I had read the first one years ago and didn't know it was a series now.  First one is Through Wolf's Eyes.  Yesterday I got  Fables: Vol. 11 War and Peices and read it. I am glad it isn't the end of the story, I was kind of worried for a bit that it might be the last one.  I'm gonna have to rearrange my comic and manga shelf to fit all the new stuff now.  I need more shelf space.

I need to go thaw out my fingers.  This computer generates cold.  I swear it is colder in here than it is outside.

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