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Writer's Block: Shops Gone By

Woolworths shut its doors in the U.K. last week, sending many into a frenzy of nostalgia and bargain shopping. What now-closed store or chain do you wish was still open?

Okay, so this store isn't closed everywhere, but it got closed here: Hancock's Fabrics. I really miss it. And they closed it at the same time the Wal-Mart here got rid of its fabric section, so now there is nowhere to buy fabric in the whole town/city of Meridian.

The closest fabric store is this little quilt shop way out in De Kalb, which is in the boonies and cell phones don't work there. It's 30+ miles away. And being a quilt shop, they only have quilt stuff, so not everything you need for sewing projects.

The next nearest actual fabric store is in Flowood, MS which is 80+ miles away. And then there is one in Hattiesburg, MS which is 90+ miles away.

This is why I stocked up on fabric while I was still up in Watertown, NY, where there were THREE quilt shops and the Wal-Mart still had a fabric section (though it was supposed to be getting phased out soon). And I am pretty sure there was a regular type fabric store too. That's one of the things I miss about living in New York State.

Seriously, what was Hancock's thinking when they closed the store here? They would have had a total monopoly.

I need a quilting icon.
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