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Association meme: comment to this post and I will list five things I associate with you. Then you must put them up in your journal and elaborate.   I was tagged by tanz_fanatika . 

1) Firefly/Serenity (since I see River there)
Sadly I did not discover Firefly until shortly before the movie came out.  This is because at the time we didn't have cable and couldn't pick up Fox.  I am still very sad there weren't more seasons.  I hope I can find some more of the graphic novels. I only have the first one.  My husband got me the box set of Firefly for a present, but I can't remember which occasion it was for.  I think anniversary or birthday.

2) Dolls
I still have all of my dolls from childhood, and some of my little sister's.  Mostly Barbie. Also She-Ra, Rainbow Brite (smaller one), Princess Rose Petal (only one of those I have),  AG doll Kirsten and a lot of her stuff, Belle, Beast, Ariel, Eric, Jasmine, Rajah, a German Cinderella, Skipper, Stacey, Kelly. I think I have a Courtney, but I'm not sure.  Most of my older dolls are packed away.  I have a massive lack of shelf space to display them.  In adulthood I started collecting Barbie's Dolls of the World, Princesses of the World, and the Barbie Fairies.  I was also introduced to several doll lines that I had never heard of by tanz_fanatika .  Namely BEGoth dolls, Pullips, Juku Couture, and BJD's. The last of which I like but will probably never be able to get.  I have quite a few of the Bleeding Edge Goth girls, 3 Pullips, one Taeyang Horizon (a present from my sis, just got here today), I have Juku doll Audrina on order from Walmart, but I am having trouble with their Site-to-Store thing.  Ordered her right after Christmas and she still hasn't gotten here yet.  I'm planning to track down a pre-Mattel Felicity doll and maybe some of her stuff when we get our tax refund.  I've wanted her since she came out.  I got Kirsten for Christmas 1989 when there were only 3 AG dolls.

3) Channon Roe (ROCKS. I love him.)  First discoved him watching Kindred: The Embraced.  Had a MAD crush on his character.  I still get excited whenever I see him on TV somewhere or in a movie. Even if it's only a small part.   Kash was just the most awesome vampire.  His storyline was so sad.   I have the series on VHS, because for some reason one of my fave scenes got edited out on the DVD version.  So sad that there wasn't a second season of that.

4) Boondock Saints  First watched this at a New Year's Eve Party.  We played the drinking game (adapted version). Take a swig every time someone dies, someone says the F word, and when the guy messes up a saying.  And really that is enough to give someone alchohol poisoning if you were doing it with shots.  I was drinking wine coolers, so I wasn't too messed up by the end, but some people were drinking stuff that was a bit harder.   It's one of my fave movies now.

5) She-Ra  Ah, my beloved favorite childhood show.  I had a costume when I was little.  Most of it got lost in the move back from Germany, but I still have my sword, it still has one jewel sticker, and it still glows in the dark.  I have She-Ra, Bo, Glimmer, Catra, Frosta, and the swan with the saddle.  Also the Crystal Castle.  I never liked the toy of Swift Wind.  He wasn't supposed to be pink, dammit.  They could have gotten the colors right if they had wanted to.   I currently own Season 1 pt 1 and 2.  My son really likes the show too.    I can't watch it without snickering just a little, thinking that if they think the Horde is the ultimate evil, they've never seen real evil in action.  Also I laugh at Hordack's funny weapon names.  "My Laser Bubble Blaster!"   I still like the show, I just think 20 guys with guns and the willingness to actually kill people could take over the whole planet.

I'm curious to see if anyone responds to this.

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