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Moving time

I've been offline a while, and won't have regular internet access until the 20th because I am moving.  We are mostly moved but still have stuff at our old place I need to get out.  Since Jayson is stuck in Georgia I have to do it all myself, so it is taking longer.  Just wanted to give anyone who actually reads this a heads up to why I haven't posted in forever.  I have been managing to read my friends page occaisionally.  I was way behind the last time, but I think I am all caught up now.  I added some new people who had friended me.  Hello new friend people! *waves*

Weather this week has been nuts.  It was COLD cold earlier this week and it's blazing hot today.

Another reason I haven't been on here as much is that I finally broke down and signed up to facebook. I was looking for an old friend of mine who I thought might be on there but never found her. Apparently her name is more common than I thought.  If anyone on here is on there too, let me know if you want to be friends on there and I'll let you know my info.  The games on there are why facebook has been sucking down my time. I am easily hooked on internet clicky games.  And I've gotten to the point where I need more people to do a lot of the missions. And can't get any more of the people I know on there to play and join my Clan/Crew/League. Even though they only have to play the once and click to join my group to be counted and then never have to play again. *sigh*

I'm going to go visit Jayson next weekend. Gotta take the Duo with me, so the weekend will probably be pretty PG rated.

Gotta go Monday to get all signed up for the great Army Medical benifits again, then I shall go to the eye doctor, update my perscription, and get new glasses, which I have been desperately needing.  Also start to see about getting my wisdom teeth out finally. And various other sundry things that have been neglected due to our lack of insurance.  But I still have no desire for socialized medicine in America.

I'm going to go catch up on Girl Genius now.

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