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Should have done this ages ago.....

So anyway, I suck majorly for not updating in so long.  Sorry to anyone who actually still reads this.

Jayson is back in Iraq. Got recalled to active duty.  Now they have him driving convoy trucks, which is at least a bit safer than Infantry stuff.  Officially he's in the armored cavalry, which means if they see any combat he'll be eligible to wear a Stetson hat and spurs with his dress uniform. (though he says the spurs suck and are not cool.)

Also, I am pregnant! Baby number 2 is due in March 2010.  This unfortunately means that Jayson will not get to be here when the baby is born.  They don't get back until April.  This is what happens when your biological clock overrides your brain.  None of the downsides occurred to me until after I knew I was pregnant.  Hopefully, if my biological clock tries this crap again, the memory of how horribly sick I've been will knock some sense back into my thick skull.   Last time I had next to none of the nasty pregnancy side effects.  This time, I get nausea out the ass.  All the live long day.  Some days are better than others, but if I go two days without much nausea, it looks like I'm pretty much guaranteed to have a horrible day the next day.  And I hate throwing up worse than anything.

Duo will be four years old in September.  Jayson will be home for R&R around the beginning of October.  I told him to take an early one, since there is no way he can be here for the birth.

Duo keeps wishing twins on me. 
No, I haven't had an ultrasound, and don't know whether I'm going to have a boy or a girl.  I'm not going to find out either, I want to be surprised.  We've got names picked either way.  As long as I don't have a set of identical twins. Then we'd be short a name.

I've been keeping track of all the books I have read this year.  I finally read Gone With The Wind.  It didn't take me as long as I thought it would.  Only about a week.  I could hardly put it down.  There was a WHOLE lot that got left out of the movie.  I really wish some of the characters who were left out of the movie could have been in it.  Some of the most interesting people were left out.  And we got way more back-story.  So, a great book, in my opinion.  I'm not surprised it won a Pulitzer.

One of these days I'll post a list of all the books I've read so far this year.  I meant to do a post like that every three months, but things were hectic in March and April and then I just didn't get around to it.

Hopefully it won't be such a long time before the next post.

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