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So I am still HUGELY pregnant.  I don't even fit into the maternity pants I wore the last time with Duo!  It's insane!  The only pants I can wear comfortably are pajamas.  Baby is due next week or anytime thereafter.  I have a feeling it will be next week.  This would be fine with me except my sister, who FINALLY moved out of my mom's house and in with her new BF in Oklahoma, is going to be back in town visiting, and she has been COMPLETELY unsupportive of my decision to birth at home.  So I do not want to see her AT ALL.  Since she will probably be staying at my Mother's again, this also means I can't visit my mom while she is off work for Spring Break. (She teaches 1st grade.)  SUCK. 
The rest of my family hasn't really been supportive either, including my mom, but they are dealing with the fact that I am an adult and capable of making an informed decision.

Jayson is back now, which is good.  Finally got to go and pick him up from Camp Shelby for good (hopefully) this past Monday.  Duo is enjoying having his daddy back and begging piggy back rides a lot.  We need to go hunt for tadpoles today before it rains again.  We are growing some veggies this year.  Duo has a planter full of carrot sprouts.  He loves carrots anyway, and is having fun watering them and watching them grow.  I am also attempting to grow some strawberries, which I shall make into jam, if successful.  Might do some other things later.

The weather has finally warmed up, so I was able to turn off the space heaters we had been having to use since the central heat died after our snowstorm in Feb.  That REALLY ran up the power bill.  They are extremely energy UN-efficient.  Also, I keep feeling overheated.  So I've got several windows open and am letting in the fresh air.  It's still a bit cool at night, but that means now I'm not waking up to throw off the comforter because I got too hot.  And my stomach itches like crazy.  That's one of the things people don't mention about being pregnant.  Third trimester, apparently you itch like mad.  And nothing makes it stop except scratching, which I have to do through a shirt or something so I don't break the skin.

Anyway, Duo is awake now and wanting attention, so I need to go.   I am SO looking forward to when the baby is here and I can sleep, or just lie on my stomach again.
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