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I Need a Fence

Not the stolen goods kind, the yard kind.  At some point in the past two sides of fencing were removed from the backyard of this house.   I have no idea why.  Papaw (my landlord) has been talking about putting up a new one since we moved in three years ago!  So yeah, probably not gonna happen. 

This makes it very difficult to get things done outside.  With Duo (age 6 now) it's not such an issue, but with Seth (age 2) it really is.  He likes to try to wander off and look and stuff, and won't reliably come back when I call him to.  so I got two of 25 watermelon seedlings transplanted into bigger pots today before I had to give up and bring him back inside.  He needed his nap, poor little guy was tuckered out.  On a normal day I could just leave him asleep on the couch and let Jayson keep an ear out for when he woke up, but he had to work a twelve hour shift today, so he's gone to work already.  So I have to wait until he wakes up himself, and then go out to try and get some more done, and try to get it done earlier in the day tomorrow, if I don't get it done today.

Two of the hens have hatched out chicks!  I don't know how many, but I can hear them peeping when I'm out in the pasture.  Oh, and for the record: five gallon buckets of dirt are HEAVY.  I had to bring my own up to fill my pots.  I borrowed the boys' wagon.  I don't think I could have lugged the garden dirt all the way without it.  I have one full of decomposed hay/goat poop/soil/worms and one of soil from where the garden is going to be. Doing a half/half mix.  Papaw and Uncle Kim haven't tilled the garden up yet, which is why the watermelons are going in pots instead of straight into the garden.  Hopefully the peas and carrots will grow too.  The spinach looks like it will come up fairly well, but I will probably need to put it in the shade soon.  And I've been given carte blanche to dig up the wild strawberries in Grandmother's backyard and put them in strawberry pots.  If I put them in my good soil, they might do pretty well.  We should have quite a batch of blueberries around my birthday, or shortly afterwards.  And now that the deciduous trees are finally leafing out, we have shade!

I've been reading A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs on Project Gutenberg.  I'm up to chapter 8 and I'm not sure if I should keep going because I want to see the movie and I don't want to not like it b/c I'm constantly comparing it to the book.  I'm a big Burroughs fan, so there is not a Tarzan movie that has been made that I like.  They always screw it up.

Speaking of movies, I am looking forward to Miyazaki's the Secret World of Arrietty, and very curious about The Hunger Games.  One or two more kids movies coming out this year that I might see (or wait to Netflix) and I still need to see the Puss in Boots movie.  I <3 Puss.

There is a march for Women's Rights in Jackson next Thursday that I WILL be going to.  Sadly, I can't wear my dress, b/c there is no way in hell I can have it finished by then.  It took me about six hours just to do the skirt, and the jacket is way more complex.  Especially as it is going to need some alteration to fit me properly.  According to them my hips are size fourteen and my bust is a twelve.  But Calvin Klein says my hips/waist are a size four.  Stupid fashion.  It'd be easier if we did sizes in centimeters like they do in Europe.  But that would make sense, something which is severely lacking in America lately.  I should have it finished in time for the big National March in April.  That's when all the states are supposed to have marches on their state capitol.  And D.C. too, I expect.

Anyhow, I will never ever complain about the prices of custom made clothes on the interwebs again.  They deserve every single penny they get.  It's hard work.

I love spring.  I think I'm going to go read some more John Carter while I wait for little bit to wake up.


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