Jaysons_Lady (jaysons_lady) wrote,

I hate Comcast.

Internet is broken.
Election will be Tuesday.
Choice is illusion.

Our internet has been down for over two weeks. Comcast will not call back or send anyone to fix it. I am seriously fed up with their crap.

Halloween was a success. We went Trick-or-Treating on base and got some good candy. Then we went to the party our homeschool group had.

Our friend Andy got married, and they came to visit on Thursday. We got to game for the first time in forever. We played Inspectors.

Our tv service is also broken. I need an antenna, as I have missed the past two weeks of Supernatural.

I will post, but sporadically, as I am only able to access the internet from my Mother's house.
Tags: election, halloween, internet, kids, poetry

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