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My World of Absolute Insanity

Only brave souls should enter here.

29 May 1981

I'm a married pagan, mother, ex-college student (no more money) was majoring in languages. Married my wonderful husband Jayson and we have three little boys. I have three tattoos and plans for at least 13 more. I collect dolls, books, My Little Ponies, and random things that take my fancy. I am a Pagan in the Bible Belt. I am a Star Wars, Star Trek, Sci-fi geek. I like Latin (the language), Egyptian stuff, Mideaval type stuff, costumes, and singing. I also play the piano (not very well at the moment, as my piano is currently broken and needs tuning, but soon it will be fixed!). I also like a good bloody action flick, and live in fear of the impending dystopian future
This is my journal. It will be weird. If you don't like it, you don't have to read it.
I love my Jayson forever and ever and ever and ever!!!!!!!!!!
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Goth and Alise Need Your Help - Precious Miseries

I *heart* Channon Roe. Awesome under-appreciated actor.

Quote from my Favorite Movie: Boondock Saints

"Now you will receive us!
We do not ask for your poor or your hungry!
We do not want your tired and sick!
It is your corrupt we claim.
It is your evil that will be sought by us!
With every breath, we shall hunt them down.
Each day we will spill their blood til it rains down from the skies!
Do not kill, do not rape, do not steal.
These are principles which every man of every faith can embrace!
These are NOT polite suggestions!
These are cores of behavior,
and those of you that ignore them will pay the dearest cost!
There are varying degrees of evil.
We urge you lesser forms of filth not to push the bounds and cross over
into true corruption, into our domain.
For if you do, one day you will look behind you and you will see we three.
And on that day you will reap it!
And we will send you to whatever god you wish.

And Shepards we shall be, for Thee, my Lord, for Thee.
Power hath descended forth from Thy hand
that our feet may swiftly carry out Thy command.
So we shall flow a river forth to Thee,
and teeming with souls shall it ever be.
In Nomine Patre
Et Filli
Et Spiritus Sancte

You will notice my interests list is full. They don't give us enough space for interests. Especially for someone like me who is interested in lots of stuff.

The List:
Blood Ties, Forever Knight, the more recent version of Dark Shadows (not the movie), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (especially Spike), Moonlight, MST3K, Pearl Jam, Wallace and Gromit, Sweeney Todd, musicals in general(though i don't like them all), The Princess Bride, Bleeding Edge Goth dolls, Ever After High dolls, forests, meadows, flower gardens, Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog, TMNT (original), web comics, Vampire Hunter D, Mercedes Lackey, NCIS, Supernatural, Pern, The Crow, Werewolves, Metallica, Crying Freeman, Fables, Bigby Wolf, Webkinz, Mulan, Mythology, Pullips, Spaceballs, X-Men Evolution, Xenogears, Folk Magick, Herb Lore, Witchcraft, The Great Mother, Scott Cunningham.

There are possibly things I am forgetting. I like goth stuff even though I don't always dress that way. I have goth friends, and if I had enough money to get the goth style stuff i would probably dress goth more often. Cause I like it. And faeries. Any shirt with faeries on it. Especially Amy Brown. I've heard the saying that there are no more real goths, just people who shop at Hot Topic. I think they're overpriced but it's the only place to find the cool faerie shirts and stuff. Not to mention Invader Zim stuff.
Anyway, look at my interests. I'm very eclectic.
"hearts of ice", 80s cartoons, 80s music, addams family, adrian paul, alternate universes, alyson hannigan, amelia atwater-rhodes, american girl dolls, angel sanctuary, angelina jolie, anime, anime fanfiction, anita blake, anne rice, antiques, authurian legends, babies, baking, bellydancing, big love, bisexuality, books, boondock saints, brendan fehr, browncoats, care bears, cats, channon roe, children, chocolate, christian slater, cooking, csi, d&d, daria, darth vader, disturbed, dollhouses, dolls, dragons, druids, dune, duo maxwell, edgar allen poe, egypt, egyptian god set/sutekh, el hazard, eliza dushku, emily dickenson, evanessence, ewan mcgregor, faeries, fancy mice, farscape, firefly, fraggle rock, gay rights, gladrags, glow friends, gundam wing, hayden christenson, he-man & she-ra, highlander: the series, hugh jackman, inu yasha, invader zim, james marsters, jean m. auel, kate winslet, katie holmes, kindred: the embraced, kissing, kurt cobaine, l.j. smith, labyrinth, laurell k. hamilton, legend, lestat, lilo and stitch, linkin park, literature, magic knight rayearth, magick, manga, marc dacascos, merry gentry series, middlearth, monster high dolls, monty python, moulin rouge, movies, mustangs, my little pony, natalie portman, neil gaiman, nicole kidman, nine inch nails, nirvana, oh my goddess!, original battlestar galactica, oz books, paganism, phantom of the opera, philosophy, photography, piers anthony, poppy z. brite, puppies, rainbow brite, ranma 1/2, reading, rob zombie, robert a. heinlein, rome, roswell, sailor moon, science fiction, serenity, shakespeare, sheryl crow, singing, sith, south park, star trek, star wars, tarot, tattoos, tenchi muyo, terry pratchett, the hexer, the last unicorn, the lost boys, thundercats, trees, trigun, true blood, unicorns, unseelie sidhe, vampires, vandread, venture brothers, vivien leigh, witcher 3, witches, world of darkness, writing, x-men, yoga